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Illustrated Gratitude Journal

Illustrated Gratitude Journal

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The practice of being intentionally grateful is a beautiful way to cultivate a healthy mind, gently remind your soul of beauty and goodness, and a way to remember small everyday moments you might otherwise forget. This life is full of gorgeous moments: both huge mountain top experiences and celebrations, and tiny perfect glimmers of beauty that find us in the mundane. As the weeks pass, enjoy reading back through your happy thoughts, soaking up the lovely memories that make up your beautiful life."

Space at the end of the journal for a list of times you’ve felt extravagantly loved. Blurb: "may this journal be a sacred space for your heart; A list of loveliness you can swim in when life feels sad. Whether you carve out a morning or evening ritual, whatever compliments your lifestyle, enjoy writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day.

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